With strong determination to promote environmental awareness among the public, Siam Motors Group joined hands with all parties concerned both from public and private sector to organize the “Think Earth” project to instill environmental awareness among youths.

With the advent of aggravated natural disasters and the deterioration of natural resources that adversely affect people’s life around the globe, the Think Earth project is initiated to raise awareness and better understandings about environmental problems nowadays.

The project aims to point out the importance of ecosystem that intertwines all living things, including human and how it affects everyone’s daily life to promote how to live in harmony with nature based on traditional Thai culture. To make the concept more explicit,
the working life of the ‘Forest Guardians’ is publicized via different PR channels.
The targeted audiences include the general public, the youngsters who will carry on this mission to the next generations, and the mass media that speaks out the idea to broader public.

The project’s operation is divided into two levels. At the macro level, the project focuses on Public Relation strategy to promote water saving, natural water sources preservation, and air pollution reduction.

At the micro level, the project put great emphasis on active operation in specific areas across the country through educating workshops in schools, reforestation activities, and supports to personalities who greatly contribution to environmental development in all parties concerned.

For example, Project Green Globe for Children visits schools with multi-vision slide presentations, to raise their awareness for environment conversation. Other projects include Dugongs Preservation Project in Trang, and Sri Muang Chiang Rai Reforestation Program, as well as other activities to provide moral support for local officials and people who have long devoted themselves to environmental preservation.