Social Mission Think Earth

Diaries from Nature
To support the Sueb Nakha-Sathian Foundation in its attempt to fund a forest patrol and a welfare scheme for injured forestry officials, Think Earth has published 3 sets of diaries.

Wildlife Educational Programme
As part of the campaign to provide information about wildlife and its significance in the ecosystem, 10 sets of posters have been published.

  1. “The Fiber of life” emphasizes the relationships between nature and organisms
  2. “The Center of Life” reflects the complete ecosystem and what organisms can gain from the surrounding nature.
  3. “From Mother’s Milk” introduces all kinds of animals, beginning with mammals.
  4. “Loners Who Love to Leap” deals with general characteristics of amphibians.
  5. “Scary but Attractive” is about the character of reptiles.
  6. “The Sound and Colors of the Forest” is about the various species of birds.
  7. “Colors on the Wings” introduces wide varieties of butterflies.
  8. “Treaties to Conserve Wildlife”  details all international treaties related to wildlife trafficking and endangered species.
  9. “Endangered Species: The Wildlife in Need of Protection” provides the detailed story of wildlife conservation in Thailand and wildlife protection law.
  10. “Conserved Wildlife: The Lives to Be Supported” details the stories of rare or nearly extinct species.