The Princess Mother’s Botanical Garden

To posthumously celebrate the Princess Mother’s 100th birthday anniversary, THINK EARTH, in collaboration with Mae Jo University, commissioned the construction of a botanical research center whose aim is collect all orchid species available domestically and internationally. The center also serves as a campaign center to raise awareness for environment conservation and for the promotion of ecotourism among youngsters. The collections here include terrestrial and epiphytic orchids, as well as some hybrids.

Terrestrial orchids grow from underground bulbs. They usually flower in the rain or the cold seasons. Some orchids in this family are cymbidium, Habanaria, Geodorum, Calanthe and Paphiopedilum.

Epiphytic orchids thrive on the surface of other objects other than soil. They usually grow in between bushes, tree branches, and rock slabs. These include such families as Dendrobium, Bulbophyllum, Coelogyne, Vanilla, Rhychostylis and Ascocentrum.