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Think Earth Save Our Seas

In collaboration with the Department of Marine Sciences, Faculty of Fishery, Kasetsart University, and the Department of Forestry as well as many other governmental offices and private sectors, THINK EARTH has established a research center to provide the public with research-based information concerning the seas and their environments.

Because of its location on the Indian and Pacific Peninsulas, along the Andaman and South China Seas, Thailand possesses more than 3,000 square kilometers of coastline. The seas are abundant with corals, which constitute a lengthy beautiful coral reef and underwater coral forest. Thailand’s unique underwater charms and beauty are highly acclaimed as one of the world’s best ten underwater parks.

Zone B: The Gulf of Thailand (The Eastern South)
This zone covers Cha-Am, Hua Hin, Prachuab, Tha-lu Island, to Samui, Pra-Ngan, and Ang Thong Islands.

Zone C: Andaman Coast (The Western South)
This coastline is dotted with various islands such as Surin, Similan, Ta Chai, Ao Phra Nang, Pi Pi, and Lanta Islands as well as several other islands in the Thrang Sea and the Tarutao.

Sea Ed Campaign
As part of the “Trang Protects Dugongs Week,” THINK EARTH , the department of Forestry and the fishery Department, organize a “Sea Ed Camp” at Chao Mai National Park and at Phra Chom Klao Scientific Park in Wah Kor, Prachuab Khirichan, in order to educate participants about marine ecosystem on location.

Sea Watch Campaign
THINK EARTH also provides research funds for undergraduate and post graduate students in order to promote sea preservation and new research projects such as a project on marine nature study route around Surin Island, research projects on mangrove forests and a research project on young corals.

This project serves as a database to update and collect information for concerned coffices. Some research projects include the following topics:

  1. The research project on “The Near-Extinction of Giant Clams (Tridacdasquamosa) in Thailand”
  2. The Decrease of Cartoon and Other Beautiful Aquarium Fish Research project attempts to increase the number of these fish in natural water bodies.
  3. Homeless Hermit Crabs Campaign tries to provide ‘homes’ of empty seashells for the hermit crabs.
  4. The Irrawaddy Dolphin Project studies the habitat of this mammal in Lum Pum Lake in Patthalung.


Underwater Nature Study Route
This project tries to determine the best study route in the seabed around the Surin Islands in order to promote marine eco-tourism.