Social Mission Think Earth

In addition to publishing articles and other information to the general public through mass media, the project regularly organizes press tours with emphasis on the conservation of cultural and traditional lifestyles, as well as marine land environment conservation. The press is brought to be in close contact with critical environmental problems so that they can bring these concerns to the public.

Cultural Tours
Being aware of the decreasing simple traditional lifestyles, and the deterioration of valuable architectural structures, the project, in collaboration with other offices, has organized such tours for the press.

Press Tours to Study Coastline Ecology
As the campaign for the marine ecological conservation, the project THINK EARTH brought home the problems of the marine environment conservation. The campaign includes the following activities and problems:

  • Press Tour to the Land of Dugongs during the “Trang’s Love for Dugongs Week”
  • Press Tour to the Sea Grass Line
  • Press Tour to Trang’s Seas
  • Press Tour “In Search of the Lost Mollusk”
  • Press Tour along the Andaman Nature Study Route
  • Press Tour “Return the Giant Clams to the Thai Seas”
  • Press Tour the “Coral’s Color Changing Seasons”
  • Press Tour “Return the Porous Homes to Hermit Crabs”