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See problems like a grain of sand

Posted on 11/07/2562

“See problems like a grain of sand even its amount have plentiful, but it is small.”

“Problem” may be the cause of ceasing the growth of an organization. The solution should start from employees. They should know how to solve the problems both in their life and in their working life. If employees can efficiently solve their problems by themselves, they will surely cope with their problems and conflicts at work. Anyway, the solving could make an atmosphere of work more comfortable and the organization will gain a high profit from these potential employees. That means the organization will be growth for sustainable.

Human resource development department of Siam Motors Co., Ltd provides the training course under the topic as “Analytical Problem Solving” on 25 June 2019. This class was been interested by Siam Motors Group and the total of our participants are 33 people. In the class, the participants got a lot of valuable knowledge, problem-solving method, and analysis process to meet their goal. We were honored by Mr. Nattawut Nissapakulthoon, Managing Director of Quality Training (Thailand) Ltd., who is an expert in psychological techniques as our lecture