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“Top 5 Kaizen from Siam Motors and Bangkok Motors Work”

Posted on 08/03/2564

KAIZEN : Everyone, Every day and Everywhere

Mr. Paitoon Kutragoon, Advisor of Kaizen Committee for Siam Motors Co., Ltd. and Bangkok Motor Works Co., Ltd. presented the Top 5 Kaizen award to the employees of Siam Motors Co., Ltd. and Bangkok Motor Works Co., Ltd. for morale and encouragement to make Kaizen to improve work processes, increase work efficiency and reduce costs, details of 5 awards are as follows.

  1. Mobile lamp test kit By Khun Surasak Singmesri, Khun Somsak Isma Algarimi, and Khun Anat Jehmasukkasem
  1. Using Internet technology to reduce cost and process By Khun Natsuda Othayakul, Khun Somyot Rachaprasit, Khun Kittitat Phuksuk, Khun Ronachit Prasert And Khun Khun Nitisit Maluang
  1. HR Connected (Connect to Employee) By Khun Nattawat Amasathan
  1. SM Loose Furniture Asset data collection – Application on Mobile By Khun Phatthachak Chakchaisirisakul and Khun Julalak Malaisiriratana
  1. To improve document inspection methods to close monthly management accounts accurately and faster By Khun Sukanya Parditkai, Khun  Nantaporn Tongbai and Mr. Pongsuda Sonthipakdee