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The secrets of Tidiness from Inside to Outside

Posted on 13/08/2562

“Neatness” will be successfully built in office by everyone’s support. When all helping to clean an area, arranging a document, or maintaining everything about working equipment and the personal things, results a livable office environment and  also effect to better working performance which is easier to find the really necessary needed information or office stuffs. Further, it is the best result of decreasing company unnecessary expenditures.

Human resources development of Siam Motors Co., Ltd. arranges a training course related 5S concept that is “5S in Office” courses. The class is separated 2 batches that are on 24 July 2019 and on 7 August 2019 for 80 employees of Siam Motors. Nowadays, “5S” is a very important topic to improve workflow and solve the worse task to be better. Additionally, we hope that attendants able to apply 5S concept in their routine at working place and home.