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Human must relate each other

Posted on 08/03/2562

Effective Communication at Work with NLP Techniques

Nowadays, problem in communication becomes the main obstacle to drive organization moving forward. More organization growth, the problem in communication is more increasing especially under this era which organization must adapt to face a rapid continuously change environment. Therefore, effective communication in every level of organization is the main factor of business succession that every organization must have.

For internal communication developing of Siam Motors Group, we set up a training course under topic of “Effective Communication at Work with NLP Techniques” on 6 March 2019. There are 29 participants in the class. We are honored by Dr. Nattawut Nissapakulthoon, Managing Director of Quality Training (Thailand) Ltd., who is expert in psychological techniques as our lecturer.

Strongly, our participants have learnt the way of positive communication which is combined a variety pattern of psychological techniques. So, the participants have a chance to practice NLP techniques activities to each other. Further, atmosphere in the class are enjoyable because it is the new experience of communication base on NLP techniques.