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Have you ever had any conflict in your life?

Posted on 16/09/2562

“Conflict”, when everybody hears this word that usually made them feel down and avoid it. Actually, conflict is not a scary atmosphere and it doesn’t regularly make a negative output. So, if we able to manage conflict in the right direction and wisely apply it with creativity, we will get the benefit from it.

Normally, we always face the conflict in the working life such as having a conflict with colleagues, boss, subordinate or being a negotiator. Human resources development department of Siam Motors Co., Ltd. arranges the training course under the topic of “Conflict Management” at Siam Motors building on September 10th, 2019. We have Asst. Prof. Pratya Piyamanothum, Ph.D. from Strategic Business Development Center as our honor instructor. There are 30 participants who can apply knowledge in their life and develop conflict to be more positive conflict everywhere.