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The achievement depends on the right decision-making, isn’t it?

Posted on 13/08/2562

Analytical Problem Solving Skill

           Several times in our life, we had to make a decision whether it is in personal life or working life. Actually, we always manage priority of situation, plan then compare its strengths and its weaknesses to select the best alternative and responding to the right way.

Human resources development department of Siam Motors Co., Ltd. provides training course under the topic of “Systematic Decision Making Skills,” on 26 July 2019. In the fact, this class is a part of thinking development modules. It is interested by Siam Motors Group and there are 29 participants. It has appeared that a valuable knowledge is delivered by Mr. Nattawut Nissapakulthoon, Managing Director of Quality Training (Thailand) Ltd., who is expert in psychological techniques as our lecture.