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Perfect Presentation is coming to You “Power Point 2010”

Posted on 24/05/2562

Microsoft Power Point 2010

Nowadays, PowerPoint presentation is the most effective presentation tool. By using PowerPoint, the presentation can combine text, graphics and multi-media content to create professional presentations. As a presentation tools by PowerPoint that can save time in presentation, organise and structure the presentation, animate the slides to give a greater visual impact to present several kinds of reports such as quarterly sales report, teaching media and sales & service presentation.

So, PowerPoint has become enormously popular and necessary to a routine job. Anyway, the presentation skill can be up-skilled to reach a professional level.

Siam Motors Co., Ltd. arranges training course under the topic of “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010” for employees of Siam Motors Group. It is held on May 14th–15th, 2019. We were honored by Mr. Jakkrid Kuprasert to be our professional internal lecturer.