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SMG FUN RUN 2019 : Meet The New Trend For The Sustainable Good Health

Posted on 18/11/2562

Season 2 of SMG FUN RUN has been organized by Siam Motors Group, since “Running” is a trendy and popular health activity not only for new generation but also for people of all ages who pay particular attention to their health. Being the activity that everyone can do, running has become popular among Thai people as a new trend that promotes the Sustainable Good Health or the New Trend in Perfect Health. 

SMG FUN RUN 2019 took place at Phutthamonthon Park encouraging Executives, Managements and Employees of Siam Motors Group to take care of their health with increased exercise. The project led by Mr. Prakasit Phornprapha, EVP of Siam Motors Co., Ltd., who is concerned about the health of Siam Motors Group’s family, because the heart of the organization is to strengthen the health of their people.

This 2019 project for Sustainable Health has successfully gathered 1,299 running-lovers from 28 companies, divided into 2 distances; 5 KM for 869 persons and 10 KM for 430 persons, showing the power of collaboration to make this event happen as well as the strength of Team work and Unity to move their organizations forward.

Aside from the health-loving trend that makes people start to exercise more, the running ambience “filled with joy and fun” by the fancy dresses of runners from Komatsu, Daikin, NSK, GS, etc.

The success of SMG FUN RUN this year has impressed all participants who are ready to develop the running activity and crate good things in the future. In year 2020, all members have the same goal to work further and share good health to the public.